Festival Date:  Sunday, December 11th


Registration deadline: Saturday, November 12th


Chair: Seray Goktekin























1. The goal of this festival is to provide recognition to motivated students who can prepare for an evaluated audition, and who are confident enough to perform in public. It is open to students of voice, piano and all other instruments.

2. Students who intend to participate in CSMTA's Deborah Kahan Competition in January of 2023 are NOT eligible to perform in this event.

3. Three levels of awards will be given: Medal (1st), Blue ribbon (2nd), and Red ribbon (3rd).

4. For non-members, there is a one-time registration fee of $50 to participate. (This fee is the same regardless of how many students a teacher enters.)

5. The application fee is $35 per student of CSMTA Fairfield Chapter teachers, $45 for students of non-members.

6. Both the application fee and the registration fee should be combined in one check and made payable to Fairfield Chapter, CSMTA (Memo: 2022 Chapter Festival). Each teacher may enter a maximum of 7 students.

7. Selections to be performed must be memorized. Students may perform one piece, or a collection of short pieces, but the duration of any performance must fall within the following time limits. If a performance exceeds the stated time limit, the participant will be stopped without penalty.

The three age categories and their time limits are as follows:

a) age up to 9: 4 minutes
b) age 10-12: 7 minutes
c) age 13 and up: 8 minutes

8. Applications sent via regular mail must be postmarked on or before Nov.12, 2022.
by that date. 

Click below to download the application: