Deborah Kahan Competition







     Sunday January 10th - YouTube application deadline

Sunday January 24th - Winners Announcement

Sunday January 31st  @ 1:30 - Winners Zoom Concert



Piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar, soloists, duo, or any combination of piano and strings. Students must be between the ages of 6 and 18.



  Two contrasting pieces in period and style from standard Classical repertoire.

 Arrangements, transcriptions, abridgements, simplified versions, hymns, and popular folk songs are not permitted.


Length, Time Limit 

        Age 6-7      6 minutes

               8-9      7 minutes

               10-11   8 minutes

               13-15   9 minutes

               16-18  10 minutes

If an entrant’s repertoire exceeds the time limit, the judge will stop the performance without any penalty when the limit has been reached.


Application Procedures

One teacher may enter up to 6 students. Applications are not accepted from parents.

Since the competition is online this year, please use a separate email for each student, containing the following:

 1. Teacher's name, address, email address, phone number, student's name, age, date of birth, and repertoire (see forms below. Composers' first and last names, keys, opus numbers, movements, lengths of performance must all be included. )

2. Link to the student's Youtube posting ( please make these 'unlisted', do not upload them as 'made for kids') comprising two pieces performed consecutively. Please do not use Kids Youtube. 

Please send on the same day as the application form is sent.

3. Mail photocopies of the music used by the applicant to be received by January 10th (please do not send .pdfs)

4. Proof of date of birth (a copy of passport or birth certificate)


Mailing Address  

    Kumiko Imamura, 20 West Main Street C104, Norwalk, CT 06861

Application Deadline  

    Sunday, January 10th (mailed material must arrive by the date, so plan accordingly)


Application Fee

     CSMTAFC members... $40 per student, $30 per student in ensemble

      Non members ….$50 per student,  plus additional teacher entrance fee $60

      Payable to CSMTA Fairfield Chapter. 

      One check should be written by the teacher to cover all his/her students.

      If you prefer to use Zelle:,  Please send on the same day as the        

      application form is sent.

      Fees are non-refundable

Winner will be announced by 11:59pm on January 24th by email. 

After receiving parents' permission, we will send the link for the winners concert.

Please ask any questions to, or