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Community recital


Date: TBA


Submission Deadline: TBA


Chair: Benjamin Steinhardt

The Community Recitals are Student Recitals that take place in local senior homes. Residents are very happy to see young people performing for them, and we always hear lots of positive comments. The guidelines for Community Recitals are essentially the same as for regular student recitals (see Student Recitals page) with a few differences outlined below:

  • There is no fee for participating in a Community Recital.

  • Students 11 years and older will get a letter stating that they earned 5 hours of community service. They can forward this letter to the guidance office of their respective schools.

  • Sometimes Community Recitals get overcrowded, and we cannot accommodate everyone who is willing to play. In this case participation is decided on a first-come-first-serve basis by the chair of that particular event.

If you know of a senior residence that would like to have our students perform, please discuss it with the recreational director (or other appropriate person) and then contact with the name and location of the place and contact information of the person in charge of musical events.

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